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今日は.... Saturday, February 19, 2011  です。

Yo... Finally i'm blogging!! got lots of things wan blog... hehe...

My bday!!! 21st bday!!
On 13 jan, 7.50am, i offically turn 21!! hoho... Went to work as usual... nothing happen... only my supervisor and colleague making fun of me and asking why i come work on bday... haha... But if i take leave on my bday then it will be super obvious i fake mc ma...
At night sis came home wif a cake... I have been wanting a bday cake very very super long le... I knew she will bought a cake so is not a suprise... But i'm happy...

On the 14, my darlings came... They bought along my favourite kfc!! hehe... Cheese fries~~

And they got me an ice cream cake... Thats was a surprise... I did say to 1 of them i long to eat an ice cream cake... But dun noe they buy it... they as usual we got lots of crap to crap about... Talk talk laugh laugh then dad came home and wan sleep... So no choice i got to tell them to go downstair... Yvonne left first... Then the others handle out my bday present... Love them so much man... I got a blue wallet and a bracelet from citigems... Tat wallet was so beautiful... A nice light blue~~~ Hoho...

My 252 months... haha...

Before we go downstair we took group photo...

My present!!

Bella and hp got a same brand wallet, look almost same also but they got hot pink...

Chinese new year!!
some days before new year i brought 9 carp cupcakes... they look so beautiful...

The fish is made of chocolate... The rest is icing...

On new year eve, as usual we whole family bring newspaper ah ma go eat... This year a china woman recommend her stall... So we went there eat... God man... The food, all we dun noe how to eat... Taste super weird... We order the set meal, got many many dishes... And all we dun noe how to eat... Is either too salty or we dun even dare to eat it or it taste weird...
Then went going back home i found out i got fever... Pray to heaven next day will be well.
My ah ma...

The totally not nice reunion lunch...

On chinese new year, my fever gone... So get up and got change and prepare to go out... This year hor, we went out at around 2plus, came back around 5 plus going to 6... So fast come back...
not cos of my fever, is my mum stomach not feeling well and dad just nice wan go meet his beer mates... So we went home... At night, my fever came back... haix...
Suffer for like 5 days of fever, Spending more than a hundred on doc... Went to cp de clinic... cost me $96!!! they trying to rob me man... So ex... Eat the med le also no use... Finally then i decide to go my old doc there see... Within a day i recover... haix... waste money... Bella acc me to go till chinatown there see my old doc... And on that day she drop her iphone and it chip off abit at her corner... Oh~~~~ i drop 3 times le also no prob... Hp say she drop like 10 times also no prob... hahahahah... hehe...

And also some other stuff i wan blog...

Went out wif bella few days before new year... Went chinatown de new year market walk walk...
Some nice colourful chopsticks we saw there... Got surname and zodiac de...

Both of us bought this cystal ball thing... The person help us write our name inside...

Saw these fury animal... i wan buy de but too ex...

And we also saw this ice pop... Like very long no see this le...

Then finally after so long, me and sis meet up to go shopping... We go orchard there...

We went ion there and sis recommand this snow ice...

今日は.... Friday, February 18, 2011  です。

Planning to blog tml... My bday... cny... bla bla bla... seems like i have not been blogging...
Attachment nothing to blog leh... just like this like that only... haha... ok so see ya tml blog!!


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:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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