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今日は.... Friday, February 15, 2008  です。

Ytd my sis bought me a present... haha... never see that before... It is a chopstick but then it look like colour pencil... So cute... And so surprise she will buy for me... My mum have it too... And of cos she buy for herself also... Mine is blue, my mum red and she buy green for herself...

今日は.... Monday, February 11, 2008  です。

Today wear my new year clothes again... Shu hon wear her sis dress... We went AMK hub today to watch movie... Watch CJ7 first then Ah Long PTE LTD... Both very funny lor... Laugh and laugh... Ah Long PTE LTD must watch... is damn funny... U will laugh like mad... Make me wan watch again... Today wear so nice of course must take neo print lor... Took 2 time bcos the first time wan i dun really like it cos i wan to choose the background ourself wan... the first time background auto choose wan lor... so after that go take again... hehe...

今日は.... Friday, February 8, 2008  です。

Today early in the morning eat a whole box of chocolate... Is a give from my third aunt... Think she bought it from other country cos no see this box in spore... very delicious so ate finish in less then 1 hour wif my sis... haha... Later suddenly my dad ask if we wan go eat... OMg!!! My family long time no eat together le lor... hmmm let me see... Think is about 4 years we no eat together liao... Wa... Of cos i say yes lor even i am so full after eating the chocolate... We went to blk 205 and 267 there but both coffee shop no open... My dad say wan go kovan there eat but none of us bring ezlink so hire taxi... When reaching half way my dad saw a stall opening then he say he wan eat there so we stop there lor... The food there was ok la... Took pic of the food we order... Finally get to eat together... So happy today...

今日は.... Thursday, February 7, 2008  です。


Today wear my new dress... like it alot... Go my mother side the ah ma there first... Stay there for a while... Then later take taxi to yishun to my fifth uncle house... Every of my father side relatives will be there... But today went there too late le... Most of the relatives has gone home le... Only my sis feel a bit sad cos less ang pao... haha... Really got a few nia... Less then $50... Haix... Some ppl say i change a lot le... Maybe is bcos i wear contact lens ba...

今日は.... Wednesday, February 6, 2008  です。

Yeah tml chinese new year le... My ah ma today wan my family go eat wif her... wear my black dress today... Wake my dad up to ask if he also wan come... wait for him to bath and off we go to chinatown... Later when reach chinatown station, he say wan go take his bike... So me and sis goah ma there first... Wait for dad very long... So we go that restaurant first... When we all already start eating le then he come... After we eat my ah ma wan go home... I also not feeling well so also go home lor... When reach home faster go change and sleep... wa that restaurant very ex lor... Only eat 6 bowl of rice, 4 dishes and longan then cost $ 165 leh... My go lor... Dad pay haha...


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
学園:Nan Chiau primary
:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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