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今日は.... Friday, August 29, 2008  です。

Went back to sch to celebrate teacher's day wif my friends.... Saw lots of teacher and they are still the same... but that krishnan still owe me class photo!!!! and he ran away when bella asked him to give us... Talk for a while wif mdm neo and mdm pey... After that, me, sh, shaf, js, hp and bella went to watch movie, 僕の彼女はサイボーグ(cyborg she)... Finally got to watch it... very interesting, nice and funny movie... Before this movie, we went to eat, shop and took neo print.... So fun... After the movie we went to have our dinner... we decided to eat mac... But when we reach there it was closing... So we take away and eat outside... Chat a while while eating... After finishing our food, we went back home...

今日は.... Saturday, August 9, 2008  です。

Happy birthday SINGAPORE!!!!

Yeah... today national day... haha... Went out wif shafiqah to watch movie at vivo...We watch money not enough 2... Actually wan go Sentosa... But it seems like today will have lots of ppl so no go... Lucky got seats for this movie... Tot will have to take the front seats... But lucky no.... haha... Oh and there is this movie very nice which i wan to watch!!!! is call 僕の彼女はサイボーグ... It means my girlfriend is a cyborg (cyborg she)... very nice and touching... Must watch.... The link to the trailer............

今日は.... Saturday, August 2, 2008  です。

Went to east coast park today wif shu hon and shafiqah. We went there to ride bicycle. And our aim there is to ride to the another end of east coast!!! and we did it!!! haha... Have alot of fun ridding the bicycle but something make me very angry today... It was sh who say she free this sat which is today and next sat. She last week say this 2 sat she got no lesson and wan go east coast... so i agree.... And today if i did not suddenly say next week lets go play in the sea, she would not have told me she next week got work. If i no say anything she surely next week last min say she cannot go already wan... surely... So ok she got work and so i ask her she work wat day and she say mon wed and fri....
So why sat got work?
Oh cos i fri got my sis sport day so i change to sat.
Then why u cannot change to tue or thurs?
Oh bcos very tiring i dun wan work continue days.
She can change to other day she dun wan... Wat about the next sat which she herself say she wan go wan?? Oh well i am tired of being angry and disspointed wif her already... Is she who say wan go and now is also she who say she cannot go... And wif this kind reason... I really dun noe wat to say.... haix... Have been tolerating wif her for 3 years.... But dun noe now just could not take it.... Maybe i met too many this kind of ppl in sch... ya... maybe... Dun noe how much i can continue tolerate it.... Break promise watever she like.... Oh and promise are made to be broken... That wat she say.... ya.... Have beed a bit cold to her recently... Sis and shaf realise it... Dun noe if she feel it anot....

Ok enough of this... Very sick and tired already.... Today also met my classmate Jasyln in east coast... I could hear a familar voice from behind... Then she just ride pass me in a fast speed.... I saw the t-shirt she always wear.... Was thinking oh someone has the same shirt as jasyln.... Then later saw the bunny bag and then suddenly realise it was jasyln... haha.... Then later me sh and shaf sat on a cliff and watch the sea... we stay and wanted to watch firework... we sat there until 8pm... So sad... We could not see the firework... The tress are blocking... sad.... After that we bought some food and went home... Very tiring today.... haha....


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
学園:Nan Chiau primary
:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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