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今日は.... Friday, September 28, 2007  です。

Graduation Ceremony
Today was quite fun... No lesson and no mock exam for today... Attended the graduation ceremony... There were many awards to be given... Think there was 111 awards... then there was a Wushu performance and piano performance... Then after that there was a tree planting ceremony... The whole class and mr krishnan plant the tree... It belong to class 5A... Then later we have some food prepared for us... The food was delicious and it save my money (no need to buy lunch as i was full)... Haha... Some pic were taken...
Our tree...

今日は.... Friday, September 21, 2007  です。

This week, i have been watching a very nice anime call La Corda d Oro or Kiniro no Corda...
This anime is about music... After watching, make me feel like playing a violin... In this anime, i like a very cute character Shimizu Keiichi, 志水 桂一... Below are some pic of him making weird faces... So cute!!!

今日は.... Monday, September 17, 2007  です。

My sis birthday!!

Ytd wan rachel 14th birthday... She so good, got 3 birthday cakes... First was on fri, her friend celebrate an early birthday for her... Second was on sat, a uncle bought her a cake... Then ytd was her birthday and she got another cake!!! So good... Oh well , HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL... Hope u can be more mature by now.. Haha....

今日は.... Sunday, September 16, 2007  です。

Found this kawaii toushirou pic... Cute right???

今日は.... Wednesday, September 12, 2007  です。

Today, after the math paper, me and shafiqah rush to mac to have breakfast... Its was going to reach 11am by the time we reach there... But luckily get to eat breakfast... Then shafiqah say "this is going to be my last breakfast..." Haha... She will start fasting tml... Haha... no more mac for the whole month for her... So poor thing...

今日は.... Tuesday, September 11, 2007  です。

Today is so bad....

Haix... the math paper today was so difficult... Could not finish some of the questions... Then after the paper, plan to have breakfast in macdonald but have to wait fot Hj to sumit her project... She took so long... While waiting for her, get a chance to play psp but then after a while i fall asleep... Sh waked me up... Then no choice but go other place to have breakfast & it cost me $4.90 just for a roasted chicken rice & a drink... So expensive!!! I think i rather eat fried food, cheaper...

今日は.... Monday, September 10, 2007  です。

Finally watch le!!!

Finally watch bleach first movie le!!! so nice!! But i wonder why that byakuya only come out a bit... Haix... He should be like toushirou, keep coming out to fight... But nvm... At least he got help them... Look forward to the second movie...

They look so cool
Just came back from the Valley of Screams

The whole view of Karakura town

今日は.... Saturday, September 8, 2007  です。

My mood is back...

Ytd was really in a very bad mood... First got shock for a sec in the morning about something... But it does not matter... But then late in the afternoon, receive a message replying" May u go urself or..... " But later try to tell myself that maybe is she wan write maybe and not may... Then a night when having tuition, my 2 best friend were not around which make me a bit sad and boring....
But today nothing happen... All when well and my mood came back :)

今日は.... Friday, September 7, 2007  です。

Not in a good mood...

So go away & leave me alone!!!

Fun & enjoyable day!!!

Ytd, i went out wif shafiqah & shuhon to jurong point... We go have a free trial on wearing contact lenses... That was my first time wearing them & it feel weird... haha... But i was planning to buy... Later, we also go vivo city... We went to a pet shop which made me happy like mad... I saw cute dogs and hamsters!!! Haix... make me wan to have hamster as pet again... Miss all my hamsters... We even went to the top floor of vivo city & play wif water... The water was warm at that time.... Then we saw a very nice and beautiful boat ( Think is a restaurant ba )... We stay up there till night fall... Me and shuhon was resting our heads on shafiqah's lap and we place our leg in the water... so comfortable... But shafiqah's legs got cramp... hehe...

Our shadows

The beautiful boat we saw...

今日は.... Wednesday, September 5, 2007  です。

My sis public performance

Today. my sister have her choir performance at CP... So excited to watch her sing... But so poor thing, their choir sang so softly... Make me remember that last time my choir also sang very softly during chinese new year in sch... Haix... then we all get scolded by our instructor... But now the choir improve alot... and our SYF we got GOLD... Miss the instructor alot... My instructor have her friendster... If interested to noe more about her, click here...

My sis is standing at the 2nd row, first on the right.

Can u see her at the 2nd row???

今日は.... Tuesday, September 4, 2007  です。

Bleach movie!!!

So~~ excited... Bleach first movie Memories of Nobody Dvd will be out tml in japan!!!
So that means i finally get to watch le... Waited for more then half a year... And the second movie The Diamond Dust Rebellion will be shown in japan 22 Dec in cinema... Maybe have to wait till end of next year then get to watch... But i hope its dvd will be out asap...

今日は.... Monday, September 3, 2007  です。

Dun u think he is cute???

I just love him so~~~ much... He look so cute!!!

His name was Tatsuya Isaka ,伊阪 達也.....
He was acting Kurosaki Ichigo in the Rock musical bleach.. Got lots of fangirls also like him....
Ah... if i got a chance to go japan the first thing i wan to do was to find him!!!

今日は.... Sunday, September 2, 2007  です。

A boring day

Haix... today so boring... nothing to do...Also lazy to go out la..So during a free time i go change my blog skin...So sad leh... cannot find my favourite character Byakuya...
I can only find Toushirou... Got lots of blogskin on toushirou
I found 1 blogskin on toushirou wif blood all over his face... so poor thing...


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