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今日は.... Tuesday, March 24, 2009  です。

Went to batam last fri for a one day tour wif my mum and sis... so fun... We went to temple, then to some shops... then to the famous bridge in batam... then go eat sea food... After that go some culture performance there... then later we go to the biggest shopping mall in batam...

When we go the temple there got not much... there got a lot of statue all same same wan... not very interesting... later the bus bring us to a shop that sell the brand Polo Ralph Lauren... there the shirt quite nice... but very ex... convert to sin dollar also around $70 for a shirt...

After that we went to the famous bridge in batam called Barelang Bridge... when we going there, it rained heavily... the tour guide say normally if rain till like that the trip there have to be cancel cos dangerous... But still continue going there leh... think we already going to reach liao so no point not going there... when the bus in still travelling on the bridge, it was still raining... but once it reach the other side, not even a drop of rain and was quite sunny... we look at the bridge there can still see very dark and raining lor... haha... so weird... the bus make a u-turn and
stop at the side of the road on the bridge to let us take some photo... the scenery there so nice... got quite alot of small islands... cannot really enjoy photo taking cos i have to hold an umbrella so extra lor... and rain so heavily...

After that we went to eat sea food... Took some pics of the sea creature there... the scenery there also quite nice... After eating we walk to the other side of the road to watch culture performance... the performance so scary... got 2 men 1 of them perform eating fire another perform eating glass... he even took a piece of glass, give it to the audience and ask them to feed him and he swallow down... Eeee.... Later the tour guide tell us to give some donation to them...

After that we went to the biggest shopping mall in batam... there really quite a lot of things to buy but too bad we only have 2h so quite rush... My sis bought a nike shoes which is like around $50 sin dollar... so cheap... we also brought some t-shirt which is like $2 only... haha...

After that the bus bought us to the ferry there le... but we were still early go we go to another shopping mall for dinner... we ate A&W which spore now dun have already... last time got wan then i also go there dring the root beer float... so nice... and i get to drink it again!! haha...

Was such a fun day... when reach spore my mum went to chinatown to help my ah ma while me and sis go home...

The temple...

Can see the bridge?

this island so cute... so small...

on the bridge...

At the sea food restaurant there...

At the performance...

oh ya and we even saw the batam only HDB flat... the tour guide say actually they wan built more but they try building 1 first... in the end this nice building is empty... really no one wan buy leh... cos the price is the same as normal house... ppl there rather stay in house then flat moreover is the same price and flat is smaller... the flat really very nice lor... too bad no one stay there...

The root bear float... miss it so much...

in the ferry going home..

今日は.... Wednesday, March 18, 2009  です。

Meet up wif huiping, shuhon and jiasing at cp ytd... we going ice skating... actually wan cycle but scared rain so i decided to go ice skating instead... in the end ytd weather was sooooo good... But have fun ice skating... Go skate 3 times le still dun noe how to skate... so sad... This time skate till leg very pain and tired... After that we went buangkok there eat without js... she went home stright... Oh and i got my poly result for second sem le... My GPA got 3... So happy... better then i expected... haha..

今日は.... Monday, March 16, 2009  です。

Holiday is boring... so boring till i whole day sleep, anime, eat, sleep, tv, anime for like 1 week... But recently i picked up my old hobby which i long forgot... Origami... haha... Last time i really love origami... This 2 day fold quite a lot of things... and i also did a kusudama!! Spent around 5 h doing it ba... To do this, u will need to fold 36 of the cone thing man... fold until my eyes blur... haha... and it turn out to be a bit out of shape...

Oh ya... i forgot to post about my fishes... haha... bought them a few days before chinese new year... The name of those fishes is call Neon tetra... like them alot cos they are BLUE... haha... I have 10 of them... And on the last pic if u can see, there is a orange fish... is a sucker fish... haha... But it died like last month... And a few days ago, dun noe wat happened, when i woke up 4 fishes is dead... All 10 of them like having their skin shedding like a snake... think they fight ba... Then the water got lot of shed skin floating... eeeee....

今日は.... Wednesday, March 4, 2009  です。

Blogging about my SJCC leadership training camp which is on 27/2 to 1/3... haha...

Went to Nyp blk E there to take attendance... My god... this is the first camp i had which start so late on first day... 5pm!!... I was in group 2 during the camp... have 8 ppl in my group... And when i look at the list of group 2 ppl, i only noe wilson and honey, the 2 seniors... But lucky i get to noe everybody quite fast... there is Gerry the leader, Stacy, Honey, Wilson, Murphy, SS and De sheng... We played lots of game during the whole camp but i dun really like one of the game or can i call it a torturing game?... haha... After that damn game everyone was so damn tired... and worst is we still have to continue under the rain, thunder and lighting on a flat land... i was so scared... and cold... Everyone start to smell weird after like 2 hours...
I noe that this game is like telling us about all the obstacle we will have in the future and is like for our own good... but i have a bit of hating some seniors already... hehe... Oh my... i think when i become second year senior i also have to do this to those juniors!!!! Oh my!!! i dun wan them to hate me!!!... haha... Oh oh... and the group name for my group...

SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS.... ( i think is like that spell ba... haha)


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