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今日は.... Monday, August 30, 2010  です。

Dad ytd start asking about whose hair was it that drop so much.... I raise my hand and say is me!!! haha... Then he was like no go see doc? i say got but no use... Think he saw the toilet bowl got alot of hair... Everytime when combing my hair surely got a whole bunch drop out so i throw in the bowl...

And tml is exam!!! this year really feel like cannot make it... So many thoeries... But i still last min study la... Btw eczema on my hand seems to recover fast... But those on my leg is..... haix... Getting worse... now even spread to my ankle... My lower thigh is the worst... Now i feel so troublesome applying thos cream... Cos i have to apply on my whole leg instead of the knee there... Hope it recover soon before i go suzhou...

今日は.... Sunday, August 15, 2010  です。

haix... recently my Eczema came back... Really cannot stop scratching... Even i bathing also itchy... Now scratch till bleed le... And that wound so pain... Bathing also pain... Sleeping more pain... Now worst, pain and itchy... Haix...

Shoooo eczema... Shoooo...

今日は.... Monday, August 9, 2010  です。

Yo yo... Happy 45th Bday Spore!!! haha....

Tonight really have some surprise wor... didn't noe that those army truck and other civil defence vehicle will pass by my house... no wonder that midnight 3am they pass by also... Then later continue watching tv and suddenly house outside goes Bomb Bomb Bomb... Went to see wat happen and i saw fireworks!!! So near my house!!! hoho... Dun noe that they will put fireworks at HDB here... Fireworks is abit small... haha... Around 10 storey high only also... Then after like 10 min they put again... Second surprise... haha...

今日は.... Monday, August 2, 2010  です。

So today went to marina barrage wif the whole of green tech class... Actually only got 2 class la so not many ppl... Wa... there super hot man... I cant open my eyes... The sun was shining directly lor... Got ppl fly kite there at the roof... And we go there see solar panel... haha...
Taken in the bus...

The whole row of solar panel....

So sunny...

今日は.... Sunday, August 1, 2010  です。

So, ytd, meet up wif good old friends to marina there walk walk... Had pizza hut for lunch... After that walk like 3 hours plus then go see fireworks... This time i think we seat too near le... The firework's ashes and chacoal all drop down like rain... Some drop into my eyes... so pain... After that we went back to cp eat kfc for dinner... So good to go out wif them... Can talk crap... haha... Meet up soon again...


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
学園:Nan Chiau primary
:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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