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今日は.... Tuesday, December 7, 2010  です。

Went to botanic garden to celebrate hp 20th bday on 27 nov... We have a pinic there... So fun... We play cards, feed the swan all this... Then we took lot of effort to take jump shot pic... haha...

And so before that we went to buy our foods... then we take taxi to the garden and along the way we saw js cab... haha...

Hoho... the bday girl...

We played 2 cards games... The old maid and the donkey... and me got the old maid and js got the donkey... sob sob...

The fat swan... Super big and fat... Alot of ppl feeding it...

Yeah our super successful jump shot... Took a few time to get it out so good... Love it alot...
And also all thanks to hp's timing... haha... She say jump then we all jump... haha...
Then after that went to eat at subway then me, bella and hp go watch HP7... haha...

And again... HAPPY BDAY to HUI PING!!!! hehe...

今日は.... Monday, December 6, 2010  です。

Yeah finally i came back to spore... during my trip in china, i learn alot... especially on how to choose friends, BEST FRIENDS... Oh i nv have a time where i'll so miss my darlings... They are really really true firends... Unlike some ppl... so fake...

I'll upload more post and pic about my whole china trip in another blog when i free... (i need to gather all those pic first)

I wan to write about my most memorable day in china...
My most memorable day was in Shanghai expo!!! Is like is a word event and everyone wan to go and i got a chance there!!! haha... It was so cold that day... nv tot that it will be that cold and we all wear very little... I really have a fun and happy time there... I'm so super happy to group up wif huili and jw when they all say wan break into groups... As stated in my another blog, we were talking when they say choose the group and just nice we 3 stand tgt so we form a group... AND EVERYONE AGREED to be in the group they are in now... I even ask if is ok if there is only 3 of us tgt only and both say ok. I was so excited... But nv did i noe that someone is so unhappy about it... She show it all on her face... Totally all on her face... I no care much as i wan to make more good memories of the 3 of us tgt cos we might be busy after that and wont be free to meet up... I can say is a super memorable day for me as it was my first time in shanghai, and i'm at the expo, and the disappointment i have...

Why dissappointed? cos i nv noe our friendship is so super fragile... During that night when we all meet to board the bus, i hear her saying something to another classmate... I dun noe wat she was mumbling but no my surprise, that classmate reply "Is u choose de wat, u also no say anything. Everyone agree to be in the group, u can choose to come but u didnt say anything ma."

And yes he was right. U didnt raise out any objection to be wif me or wanted to go to another group. HA. Did i make u suffer the whole day??? oh i'm sorry if u are like in hell to me wif me... On the other hand, i was super enjoying the whole trip there... U must be keep looking out to see if can meet other group when we seperated into groups ba... But lucky we meet sy group right? oh u must be so super relieve to have at least meet another group...

And after that day i see a change in her attitude toward me... So cold... colder then the weather there... It hurt my heart...

And thats not all wor... I suddenly rmb some talking during a night... during a night when she talk bad about me wif another when i was asleep... she must have forget i told her i very easy to wake up de... Wif a few sound i can wake up... But she is so lucky, i dun feel well that night so i was still half asleep when i hear wat they say... And most lucky thing was i woke up to have forget everything until the very last day of the whole trip leh... Very weird right.

I finally noe wat kind of person u all are... I tot wat i did again to make u angry wif me as ur heart is always so small so narrow... But nvm, there's nothing i can make u happy about... right from the first week of the trip i'm already a hated person by u... There are still so many thing i had seen in u during my trip, but i'm not going to list down all... My post suppose to be listing down all my happy times in china...

And that trip might be the last time we are going out tgt... There should be no other chance le ba... I truly enjoyed it.


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
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:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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