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今日は.... Wednesday, April 23, 2008  です。

Finally got time to post le... poly live so stress... need wake up so early then end so late...Dun really like my course... need math and physic... need memorise things...
But have lots of friends... haha... First time make so many friends... Always have lunch tgt and also stick tgt... haha... Today went to Sakuran japanese culture club... Make some friends too... So fun... Plan to join the cosplay division wan... look forward to it... haha...

今日は.... Friday, April 11, 2008  です。

Went for nyp orientation on 8/4... First day... Saw weiling and Weijie... Both of them same couse as me... But weiling not same class as me... Weijie same as me... First day ok lor... At the auditorium got lots of talk talk... After lunch, went to lecture room talk talk again... We even go meet our personal mentor... He will be our friend and and if we got any prob we can go find him... After that we have game... Memorise some ppl name while playing... talk wif a few classmates... Even walk wif 2 new friends Huili and avis to take bus...

Next day 9/4... skip orientation... Stay at home... Add a few classmate on msn... We have a list of hp no. and email of all of our classmate... Today was weird... Dun rememberthe face of ppl who i talk to ytd... only remember names... Suddenly start smsing classmate who i only talk a while wif and even chat on msn... Now we became friends liao...

Third day... go back sch again... Now got some friends to talk to le... Have lunch wif huili and avis... a classmate call jaslyn also like anime... got someone same as me... haha...

Today, 11/4, go sch buy laptop... Very heavy... but happy... haha... now left the wireless modem need to buy... haha...

今日は.... Saturday, April 5, 2008  です。

Sis show me this 2 pic long time ago...
But just now saw it again then find it really interesting...
So decide to post it up...

今日は.... Thursday, April 3, 2008  です。

Meet shuhon go shopping today..... Meet at 1pm.... Have to go buy clothes or else no clothes to wear to poly... We go Taka there first... Walk past some shop but very hungry so go eat first... After eating, we wanted to go kino wan but i say wan have a walk at taka... Bought a small display toy which was so cute... Later we wan try our luck to see if bella today got work anot and she really was there working... Talk wif her for a while... After that go kino there look at books... No buy anything at kino... Then later we went to buy clothes... Next place to go was hougang... On the way to mrt, the whole stretch of area was flooded seriously... First walk on a pool of very muddy water... Then for a while i saw ppl barefooted so infront must be also flooded and it really was... The water flood till very high... Think cos beside got construction then water cannot be drain of properly.... Went to mrt toilet wash leg... After we go hougang we went for japanese class... Reach there was only 7pm so wait at a bench there and rest...

今日は.... Wednesday, April 2, 2008  です。

Finally my mum decide that i can have new furniture le... Need to buy brand new bed, study table and a wardrobe... So happy... Cos i already decide wat furniture i wan long time ago le... And i can have a queen size bed... Mum ytd call my neighbour aunty to ask her accompany me go buy... But then i last min ask shuhon to also accompany me... After choosing the furniture we go have lunch... Aunty leave after eating... Sh then decide to go my house... Found a funny video on d gray man... The lyrics also very funny...


Teacher! Boys don't listen to bus attendants!
Teacher! Girls don't come back from shopping!
Shut up! Line! Don't disrupt group activity.
Make a line of "boy girl boy girl..."
Teacher! Boys are slightly more than girls.
OK. So line "boy girl boy boy girl boy girl."
"Boy girl boy girl boy boy girl?"
Wrong! Listen carefully! Make a line in this order.

Boy girl boy boy girl boy girl
Boy girl boy boy girl boy girl
Boy girl boy boy girl girl boy girl boy girl
Girl boy girl boy girl boy boy girl!

Leader! How should we decide girls' seat on the bus?
Leader! Let's make boys sit on seats beforehand.
Wait! Don't decide it by yourself!
Make a line of "boy girl boy girl..."
Leader! A girl is going to come here late.
OK, so, make a line "boy girl boy boy girl boy girl."
You mean, "boy girl boy girl boy boy girl," right?
No way! Listen, sit in this order.


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
学園:Nan Chiau primary
:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


Go japan
Stay in a japanese home/inn
Have lots of animes to watch
Have hamsters as pet


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★Infinite Stratos
★Kore wa Zombie Desu ka


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