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今日は.... Saturday, December 29, 2007  です。

Sad movie

Recently watch 2 movies from the internet which make me feel sooo sad... First i watch Ashura (human acted wan)... Then later found a anime movie Voices of a Distant Star... Both movies are about love... Make me feel so sad... But i really like the anime movie... Imagine if i was being send to space and i can still sms my friends using normal hp... haha... But wat if it take 1 light year to send to my friends instead of seconds??? Really cant imagine leh... so long then my friends will receive... And wat if something happen in space and the whole troop was send further into space and cannot find where earth is??? Wa, it take around 8 years then the message will be received by my friends ar... Really very sad lor...

Ok enough of being sad le la... haha... On wed, go out wif he xun... Wanted to watch movie at ps wan then got lots of ppl... So go to the cathay nearby lor... After buying the ticket he treat me go eat at Nihon Mura (日本村) there go eat lor... The food there quite cheap la... Next time wanted to bring my sis or maybe sh to go there eat... oh and we watch alvin and the chipmunks... haha... the show quite funny la... Later he accompany me go orchard the kinokuniya search for a book but cannot find in singapore le... Haix... Think the book have to buy online from japan ba...

今日は.... Tuesday, December 25, 2007  です。

Today is christmas!!! But do nothing... No celebrate... Actually wan go out wif shaf and sh wan... but we dun noe wan go where celebrate... So in the end no go anywhere lor... Oh... and today i finally open my box of sweet which i buy some time ago... Quite nice... love it...

今日は.... Sunday, December 16, 2007  です。

Today went out wif sh and hj... Meet sh at the popular then she told me hj waiting at hougang station there... Waited for sh mother to buy her things then we go off... when the train reach hougang station, hj did not come in... sh call her and was like going to scold her for not coming in and the train has gone... Haha... think hj was shock as SHE WAS WAITING AT KOVAN!!! blur sh... haha... she tot she live at hougang somewhere then she will be waiting at hougang station... haha... We going taka there... But we go kinokuniya first... After that we go meet up wif js to have lunch... But the food there were so ex... In the end only js eating and we watch her eat... Later we send her up to "heaven"... haha... cos she was wearing white shirt and we were black ma... Go visit my sis working place to have mac... She was having her break again... Haix... But at least saw her cleaning up the table and serving balloons and she eat my fries!!! So after that we nothing to do as we were waithing for js to knock off... So we go visit bella... Haha... Bella working place there was so funny... She always have jokes around her and by standing there talking wif her i already laugh alot... haha... Got a free gift from bella which is for customer wan... Then we also wait for her to konck off lor... Later 5 of us go ps... haha... The most fun part was we all go look at the fishes... Some fishes really very weird la... At there i also bought a box of japanese sweet for own christmas present... haha... Have a lot of fun today la...

We even bought this to eat... haha... Think in 5 for $4.50

今日は.... Monday, December 10, 2007  です。

i use a pic today to represent me, shu hon, shafiqah... haha... Then use powerpoint to edit wan... But then in the end cannot convert it in to normal folder... So ask sh help... She then use Paint and then save it and send me...

今日は.... Sunday, December 9, 2007  です。

Movie day!!!

Today watch 2 movie... haha... Tattooist and Golden compass... Both so nice and interesting... Actually we wan to watch on mon... Then invited Sh but she say cant go... So we make it on today but she still cant... Haix... Watch on sunday very ex lor... one ticket cost $9.50... Spend a lot of money... Oh ya... the golden compass maybe got part 2 leh... The movie like show half way... Then the Tattooist a bit scary la... Lucky got shaf beside me... Later we go Mac eat and actually we wan go disturb my sis who is working at mac wan... But we came at the wrong time, she is having her break... Then later go Kinokuniya... Also go apply for a membership card which cost $21.40... Spend so much money today... Maybe dun have money to even buy christmas present... Sob...

今日は.... Thursday, December 6, 2007  です。

Fall sick ytd bcos of the rain... have flu... then cannot continue to work at expo cos the hall was air con... very difficult for me to serve ppl wif my flu... then hj become my replacement... Today have to go back expo to like tell her everything that she have to noe like where the back door is, where is our wagons, wat size are for how old etc... after telling her everything, went to buy a jacket... then go chinatown there see doc... in the mrt, saw 2 tourists, couple... saw then like keep looking at the mrt map and was blur where to go... i approach them to help them... found out that they also wan to go chinatown and so i told them to follow me... later found out that they were from thailand... saw the husband hp which was the very old type wan lor... still got the wire thing on top of the hp... then when reach chinatown station, their card show error... oh, they bought the wrong ticket... maybe they anyhow press the machine ba... hehe... Then i have to go to the service counter there ask for help lor... i walk away without telling them since they got help le... then till now i regret, should have say good bye to them... haix...


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:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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