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今日は.... Sunday, January 16, 2011  です。

Hihi... My first post since i turn 21... I'm blogging wif my iphone now so will have typo error as still not use to it...
Few day ago i got a super wonderful bday night... On the 13th night, sis brought me a bday cake... Finally i got a cake for my bday!!!
Got a little note book from her to add in my collection also... Then on the 14th, my darlings came to celebrate my belated bday... Hoho... They brought a ice-cream cake!!! My first time eating ice cream cake... A big big thanks to u all...
The present surprise me also... Love it so much... I'm using the wallet now... But the bracelet i scared wear le will lost so i'll keep it first...
Really really thanks u all so much... Thanks to sis also...
This year super happy!!! I got 2 bday cake!! Yeah!!

今日は.... Tuesday, January 4, 2011  です。

So on last year, 20 Dec, received a damn sad news... Ah going, in kl de died... Early mon morning 8am receive that he passed away on 5am early that morning... I was already preparing to go work then mum sms and say have to fly to kl on that day... The wost thing is that there was no bus having 3 seat available to kl... So sms shaf to help me book air ticket... So damn ex... So was panicking to booked or not to booked...

Suddenly mum call and say she still ahve to settle some things first next day then leave... i took half day leave and after my work i went down to chinatown to book bus ticket... Woot and just nice still got seat available for next day 9am... Every thing was so rush that whole day... Went home, pack everything...

the funeral was at some weird place quite far away from all my relatives house so everyone booked a nearby hotel to stay overnight... They say everyone like coming for tour like that... Ah gong was burried on wed.... And i had a little burn scar from the incense ash that day... Wonder if it will disappear?? if no then i can leave it to rmb ah gong...

I still have a few memories of him... When i was young he will give money let me go buy sweet and play the tikam tikam... the last time i saw him was ah ma, (his wife) funeral... Abit regret that i nv have much time spending wif him cos he in malaysia... Now my only ah gong also passed away le... i dun have ah gong le... My 2 ah in spore died long long ago, way before i was even born... He was the only ah gong i have...

So RIP ah gong... he so lucky to have his wife burry beside him...

今日は.... Monday, January 3, 2011  です。

Wa lau eh... After so long already but i'm kenna bring back to rmb it... Moody meh??? Tot u always moody de??? Or is it to me only? I wont feel moody just cos of this... My moody mood long gone lo... I left that mood in china dun feel like bringing it back let my darlings see..
Hor blog hor...

Friends are always so troublesome... They seems to always hurt u... Why? cos u care too much about them... Sometimes i have to draw a clear cut... Have to not to always take them too seriously? After all cannot treat and cared about them like those long long best friend... So difficult to make friend de... Wonder how i got so close to all my darlings? Did we also gone through all these? Eh... think we have la hor...

Oh and other ppl also bad mouth about me? think i dun noe ar... Is u that join in them i am so troubled about... Still wan say other also ma... i also dun care others... Wa... throughout the whole time i have to tell myself when go back sch everything will normal de and i was right? Mon go sch i'm treated as usual... So wat was it all about during that whole trip?? I noe human are selfish de la... If dun join in u sure will kenna cast out de ma... must care about oneself first... Right right??

Ya and now ppl will say i write all this also so fake, now write got use meh bla bla bla... Is me that is in wrong, wrong that i treat u as a super buddy best friend...

PS: Btw is typo is u only... My whole post is only all about u... HAHA... And this is not secretly, blogspot is whole world will see de... Is nothing secret... And this is my blog, my diary... I can write anything i wan...

今日は.... Sunday, January 2, 2011  です。

Eh around last year 11 dec, went to the CSI exhibition wif bella... She long to go there but no one acc her so she beg me to acc her so i agreed... I like how the crime scene is but just dun like how obvious they give the hint to the suspect and everything... haha... But there are alot of other thing that they exhibit and i really like it... Too bad cannot take photo inside...
After that, we meet up wif hp to watch the movie, Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale... It was so damn funny... haha...

Next up, is our christmas exchange... But i reckon bella is going to take months to upload those pic... haha...

今日は.... Saturday, January 1, 2011  です。

Yo... my first post of the year!!! haha... Hmmm... just wan to say,

i wish that all my darlings have a wonderful year ahead and wish that we always can spend time tgt no matter wat!!! hahaha... Yeah...


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
学園:Nan Chiau primary
:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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