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今日は.... Wednesday, July 28, 2010  です。

wa... ytd after writing i feel so good... And today i dun feel so stress and those unhappiness thing blot inside me le... But 1 thing i still wan complaint... hehe...

Somebody, ai ya i really dun noe how to say... Is just like thing she can do then if ppl do to her she wont like it... Is like i can do but u cant that kind of feeling la... wa... sometimes she come sch hor can give u the moody face everyone will noe her mood of the day wan leh... She will dun feel like talking to u, just answering u back un and ar, then ignore u then went off without saying bye when ppl in toilet then will end up wondering where she go le... She can show and express herself to others but when i also did she cant tolerate it... I say wat i wan to say, i dun like keep thing in heart actually... So unlike her, i say out all my unhappiness i say out wat i wan say with words that i put my feeling and stress in it... But instead of understand me, or she can say was i change... Wat i change?? i no change hor... Just bcos i nv rant out like that does not mean i wont... 3, 4 days of complainting all this she end up concluding i change... Is ur opinion of me change... thats all...

So to conclude, i learn my lesson... Dun anyhow trust that all friend can digest ur complaining and ranting of how unhappy u were... At least i'm still glad that my 2 other friend still listening to me la... Even though they no ask wat happen or comfort me...
So now 1st thing that i must learn is dun open up too much to her... i did it, i rant out my feeling at her and it ending up all she can think is i scold her...

I still treat her as good friend... Friend will always be friend... Wan treat me like enemy i also cant do anything... All i can say now was i'm so scared of talking to u already... If i wan share thing like maybe gossip about other ppl u will comment i talk bad about ppl at others back and here u will be ok... But there u will be writing i dun like it when she say ppl bad thing behind ppl back... I wan complaint i ended up being comment that i scold and hurt ur feeling... Scarly i wan tell u how happy and free i am now, i will end up being comment as showing off... Watever it is, maybe till u open up to me that i can relax if not i will end up as being said that i watever watever...

Ohoh btw to saii if u reading this... Thanks for telling me about i misheard u... So sorry that i misheard it... But even if u did, i also will post here and there then will forget wan la... I dun really remember things much wan... Nothing has chnage in me... i'm still always me... If got ppl dun like how straight i am just say... Dun give comment here and there...

今日は.... Tuesday, July 27, 2010  です。

this is going to me a naging post... Just feel like nagging today... Dun mind it...

So today for solar lab, we went up to the roof top to see solar panel... And i cant seems to find my friends... They say go toilet but go for 15 min till solar lab start already... Everyone start preparing to go up le and i just cant see them coming back... I dun wan them to later come back lab everyone all gone le... So rush to toilet to find them but cant... They not in the toilet... So i call the only person who bring hp... But the line like got something wrong keep cutting off... then everyone all scared their belonging will lost expecially laptop... So all bring laptop... And i have to bring 4???? I was thinking of helping them bring along also in case really got ppl come in and steal... Is so heavy and really stupid to carry 4 la... So i put all back to the lab and make my way to the roof... Then finally she pick up the call and when i ask where they go she say they go play... Wa... go play ar??? These words really irritate me alot... I find them until like mad then in the end they not at around blk s wor... And the word go play really make me very mad... So when they reach the roof i say they wan ps me again... But i noe is not la cos they really going toilet but just dun noe why the person picking up the call say they go play...

Ok so we continue to explore the roof and guss wat... they all give me super black face... I dun remember much if i got put my anger on them anot but if so i no say much ar... I no scold or blame them wat... Maybe i say the word ps again... But also no need give me cold shoulder ma... I try to communicate wif them but they keep going further... So ok i give up... U angry i also wan angry... Imagine wat i did to find u all and i still have to keep that normal face and not ranting at u all leh...

And am i stupid or wat??? do so many things then i'm not even cared... my existence is not important anymore... i'm easily forget... So why i did so many thing? i should have just go straight up to the roof without them ma... Moreover is they next lesson already still dun wan come back... Super irritated by their cold shoulder like everything is my fault... And wat later if i no tell them then they also will blame me hor...

Sometimes i just dun like intruder to come into my ideal life... Our friendship has always been fine until few month... I just feel like someone something just wan to create trouble between us... Recently thing happen like my friends ps me... And ya, i feel like i got ps... But after awhile i forgot... Eh i did took out this situation here and there sometimes like if someting happen i ask so u wan ps me again that kind... And is just a joke... But today someone cant seem to like it anymore and wat point to me and keep saying i keep blaming them... I totally dun like it... Cos wat ever i say i dun really really blame them... And i got blame for everything... I just hate it...

今日は.... Sunday, July 25, 2010  です。

Tml is a start of a new week... is suppose to me a fresh week but somehow, it became a doom week for me... All the presentation, project due date, class test and quiz or at this new week... I'm prepare to be dead...

今日は.... Friday, July 23, 2010  です。

Wow... so surprise i can tahan the whole long day today... Class start at 8am, have presentation, after sch have to ruch 2 project and then movie wif shaf... Today is such a tired day but end my day wif shaf so overall is actually a good day... Movie we watch was the sorcerer's apprentice...

Omg this is a super nice movie... must must watch... Is quite funny also... Then movie end at 9pm and wait for that 159 for like 30 min, reach cp have mac as dinner cum supper...

This few day quite moody but the movie and long long long talk wif shaf change my mood alot... Now my whole mind can only think of having magic power... haha... eally must watch wor... haha...

今日は.... Thursday, July 22, 2010  です。

Super stress nowadays... 2 presentation, 1 project and a few quizes... All within next mon and tue... Idiot la... Time so tight how can finish... Each of them is important so how to divide them? Rant abit at jw unintentionally just now, she seems abit angry liao... So sorry... i dun mean it...

Super hungry just now also... Nobody tell me they all going to eat... jw say huili did told me but all i can remember is she say she going out wif them... So to me, all ps me... So left me alone doing thing and still wondering where they all go... In the end they went to canteen... Lucky today got sis wan meet me at cp to eat... If not actually i will give up eating and will plan to next day then eat... And end up stomach problem all will come to me...
Just hope these few day wif all the hard work everything will turn out fine... ytd, today stya till 6 then go home... and tml same... Even the following mon think also need to stay till at night...

今日は.... Sunday, July 18, 2010  です。

Left a few more weeks to end of this sem le... This few weeks will be very rush... Got mini project and presentation need to do... Will be busy busy...
Btw, very happy that naruto finally knew who his dad was le... haha...

今日は.... Thursday, July 15, 2010  です。

Nothing seems to make me happy this few days... Everything thats happen around me really irritated me... Can say that i hate everything... My mood is so so moody... Why? i also dun noe... Maybe lack of sleep? these 2 days at least still got sleep 5hrs... A few days before i cant even fall asleep... Everything small little thing irritate me... Like sneezing continuously in the bus, drop something on the floor, a very little lame comment from a human being...

And 1 big thing that make me feel more worst, CT result... Even though is only that 1 paper, but that result really sux... I memorise till so hard then got a C only... Not even a B?? I still expect a B... Tml is going to be a early day... I hate fri... These few fri have no choice but to make it a do project day... How i wish after class can go home... So sick of these few days... And bella i noe wat u going to say, but i am not having that now... Nor it is going to come within these few days...

Arh!!!! Hope this moody days just end... Shoo shoo go away!!!

今日は.... Tuesday, July 13, 2010  です。

I feel so sad... My twitter acc got deactivated and cannot recover... Dun noe is it twitter that side got prob or someone hack into my acc... Haix... I shall see for while first... Google about it and hear for the oast 3 month got also ppl's acc got deactivated... Hope it will come back soon... Sob sob...

今日は.... Thursday, July 8, 2010  です。

Everyone!!! look at wat i have collect.........

Is a whole collection of cream!!! haha... The doc make me collect them... haha...
My god... So many... Wonder when i will finish using them... All this are prescribed by my doc... I have use all kind of cream... Actually still got 2 more type but since they make my eczema worst, i throw them away...

This few days will be busy wif project... Now all the modue have project... All due within next week... die... die... After i survive from ct, here come all these project... haix...

Cannot stress... cannot stress... Later stress i will start to scratch my skin...

今日は.... Tuesday, July 6, 2010  です。

hoho... Just use the laminator i bought last month... Hehe... My first experiment fail... But the second time ok... Very nice and neat... It cost me only 82cent to liminate at home... Outside $3 leh... So ex... So from now on i can liminate at home le... Hoho... But abit dangerous la... Cos is a small and handy laminator, sometimes it wont work well... Hehe... But if u all wan risk i can help u liminate wor, for $1... haha... So risk it if u dare... haha...

今日は.... Friday, July 2, 2010  です。

ok... finally over le... And while ppl may just forgot everything they have memorise, me here cannot forget... All still in my mind... Memorise too hard till cannot forget le la... And now my bran going burst le... Feel abit giddy...

And think my brian really gone stupid le... Just now rain so heavily... I should have alight at the 27/89 bus stop where i change bus to alight at my blk downstair as usually like i do everyday... But i go alight at the bus stop far away from my house and need walk 10 min wif only a few HDB blk as shelter... And i not alight at wrong stop hor... I just feel like i should alight there and there walk abit... But then on the way walking then i sense that something is wrong... Haix... my poor brain... Wonder wat will happen to me... Should i go for a CT scan?? haha...


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