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今日は.... Tuesday, October 30, 2007  です。

Dad finally found a stall

Today saw my father making black marking for those spoons and chopsticks.... So he found a stall!!! Heard that my step brother also helping him... haha... Just heard that his wife pregnant again... A boy... Got another nephew... haha...

My sis helping my dad

今日は.... Saturday, October 27, 2007  です。

Have been watching 2 animes this few days... Kamichama Karin (かみちゃまかりん) and Nagasarete Airantou (ながされて藍蘭島)... My previous post are some pics on Nagasarete Airantou... Here are some cute pics on Kamichama Karin...

Kawaii ne.......

今日は.... Friday, October 26, 2007  です。


今日は.... Friday, October 19, 2007  です。

Today earlier in the morning i got a stomachache... Didn't eat anything... Plan not to go for tuition but then this would be the last time i could attend tuition for chem as chem paper is next wed... So force myself to go bath and walk slowly to cp... At the tuitor house, i start to feel better... And i lecture shu hon... haha... In sch, sh like to clean all the eraser dust on the table by throwing it in between the table which will drop to the floor... But then she did it in the tuitor house... That was ppl's house leh. she will have to sweep the floor in the end wan leh... Then when i look down. the floor was all her eraser dust lor... Dirty ppl's house, so naughty... but at least she got my lecture la... haha...

今日は.... Thursday, October 18, 2007  です。


Haix... Today is Science practical... Think i did until very bad... And today was not a very good day... Sad... Have Mac as lunch then go comic connection spent $2... Finally decided to go home... But when i walk out of cp, heavy rain!!! The rain was very heavy and the wind was quite big too... Then got a auntie saw me wanting to dash in the rain stop me... She asked if i wan to share her umbrella wif her... But then i saw her holding lots of plastic bags so i say no need... But she insisted... So ok lor but then i got my right part of my body wet!!! Really very wet... Her umbrella was small actually... But i still thanks her... Wan to have a rest le... Later got jap class... Bye...

今日は.... Thursday, October 4, 2007  です。

Best day ever!!!

Today so exciting... Run away from sch during recess wif shafiqah and levina... Bet krishnan will be very angry... The best part was i went to hougang comic collection and bought the ouran high sch poker card... The poker card was actually sold for $6.50... But the 2 blur cashier sold me for $4.80 which was the normal price for poker card... Haha... Shu hon will be jealous cos she also wan buy but $6.50 is too expensive le... Haha...

今日は.... Monday, October 1, 2007  です。

So sad today... No go sch... While others are having sore eyes, i have stomach ache... I think i noe why this happened... Cos ytd i ate ice cream, cook noodle wif ice Milo in the evening... And before i sleep, i drank strawberry milk... Hehe... O level coming le... Think i must take care of myself le...


Shiori, リ一シエン(Lixian)
平成二年 一月十三日 生(13/1)
星座:山羊座 (Capricorn)
学園:Nan Chiau primary
:Nan Chiau High
:Nanyang Polytechnic


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