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今日は.... Sunday, July 26, 2009  です。

Today jap class was so fun... everyone is like translating and doing our jap work like crap... haha... We have a ws which we need to do a conversation on different situation... at qns 4 it was " Your colleague read your email." So the conversation which me and sf tot was like this...
Wat happen?
My colleague read my email.
Thats bad. U better tell ur boss or somebody.
Its ok. cos i also read his email.
haha... we also did funny conversation on different qns... haha... have so much fun.. other classmate also did some funny things...
Next week maybe having tea break wif yamamoto sensei and other classmate... Abit regret leh... We should have also have dinner wif takashi sensei before she leaves spore... haix... no chance le...

Shuhon appear and say wan "save" our friendship... so ok i hear wat she wan to say... until now i dun even think she knew wat i was angry about... look at her blog the first line... Was i really that angry about those stuff? I was more angry on other things... i write big big in my blog le she still dun understand... Why? Was like waiting wat she wan to do next to so call save our friendship but like nothing happen leh... no different from when she apologize... Did u apologize for the sake of apologizing or someone ask u to so just do lor? if yes then stop wasting my time... Cos i can tell u from wat i see now, it will be damn difficult for us to go back like last time... Wanted to have dinner wif u before jap.... but of cos i no do so... cos u always spent time wif ur bf even on weekend... how to ask u out? tell me!!! Hello, u can see him everyday in sch lor... Cant u spent weekend wif other ppl ar? Or is it u cant miss his free lunch and dinner? Tell me ur reply soon cos i really dun wan waste too much time on this le... I have enough...

今日は.... Saturday, July 25, 2009  です。

Sis ytd ask me if i wan to accompany her go ah ma there... Went there quite late... We went shopping at the OG there... After that stay wif ah ma... Later at around 9 something, mum close her stall and we go eat kfc... Wanted to order chicken but sold out le cos very late liao... so order zinger... Mum had the zinger juice splash into her eyes while eating... haha... Then later we went to mustafa there buy DVD player... Is like 11 something went we wanted to go home... We were rushing cos scared no more train liao... but lucky still got... When in the train my mum did a very pai sei thing lor... she saw a empty seat from far then she quickly rush there... but an indian lady was aready preapring to seat down but she was talking to ehr husband and slowly wanting to sit down... but mum just snatch away the seat by placing her butt down first than her... so pai sei leh... then me and sis laugh out loud... So tired today... still waiting for dad to give me money to my clothes and make up... He keep asking me wat i wan to buy and must bring sis along also but no take out money...

今日は.... Friday, July 17, 2009  です。

Went to have dinner wif shaf and bella ytd... As usual, bellas still talk alot of crap and she is still a crap... haha... While eating she mention her name... i this week for like 4 days totally no tot about her already lor... then she suddenly mention make me so angry... I dun wan anyone to mention her name infront of me anymore... not even her nick name also... Actually i also dun wan see her wan but no choice sun have jap class... so i make an exception on sun...

oh yaya... the nail polish on the right is shaf bought for me wan... she bought herself a more darker blue... actually is near to black ba... quite nice also...

今日は.... Thursday, July 16, 2009  です。

So stress this few days... no sleep for a few nights le... Having problems about my MC... My sch office lost my mc and i cannot retake my common test paper... if i no take i scared a fail in the end of sem... haix... so careless wan the sch...

今日は.... Friday, July 10, 2009  です。

Went to have dinner wif shaf just now... then later shaf friend, sha sha called... she ask if we wan go Mustafa anot... so ok lor since we so free... haha... We went back home to change and take money... Then we go cp again... After we come out from the train at farrer park shaf say to turn left to side A (i name it side A)... Sha sha was waiting there... then while walking like quite a distance, both of them suddenly realise at wrong direction... The correct exit is at side B... Funny thing is that sha sha was also wrong... haha... she waiting at side A then then first thing shaf came out from the train is pointing at side A direction... Weird leh the both of them... haha... So went to mustafa there find the stuff they wan buy... and shaf buy a laptop cover... We stay in there like more than 2 hr lor... then we no realise till we come out... haha... Oh ya and also shaf bought me a blue nail polish for my belated bday... haha... Thanks shaf !!!

今日は.... Wednesday, July 8, 2009  です。

Arh... my illness got worst... my body feel weaker than when i was having fever 2 days ago... vomit 2 times this morning... Could not sleep for whole 2 nights and end up having serious headache till i going to faint... Mum got worried so ask me dun go sch... wait till 9 something then go see doc... haix... she give me the pill to let me sleep but i only sleep for 2 hr... no use... haix... will be missing 3 exam straight... have to take 3 modue of retest... die liao la...

今日は.... Tuesday, July 7, 2009  です。

Feel so sick now... having fever... Today miss my math common test paper... Have to take the retest which will be like ten times more difficult than the actual wan... I'm feeling so sick now but there is something, someone that can make me feel more sick and feel disgusted...

Cant believe that she told B that all those things that happing between us is all bcos of her change in interested and having a boyf... Oi, let me tell u this, u think me and shaf shared totally same interest? u think there isnt a time where we also have a boyf during sec sch? but we are still tgt... Still going out tgt... Wats the point of saying oh bcos i have a boyf and i dun have time for my friend?

Meeting u out need to go those places which u like now wan meh? have to go play pool, bowling and arcade wan meh? U even dare to say since now u have interes in going all this place but i dun like so u cannot meet me? wat shit is this.. Go cp eat have a talk need to go this places wan ar? btw cp dun even have all this... wat an excuse... U wan to destroy our friendship right? then go on... i dun care anymore...

Lucky i have talk to B all about this, lucky B even called u to ask wat happen between us... U noe y? if not i would not have seen the real u... i would not have noe u are like this... i would be still smsing u trying to meet u out for dinner only... but bet all those sms i have send u wont even read it and just delete... I would be still waiting for ur reply... i will still be wondering wat really happen between us... i will be surprise and maybe feel like crying to see how u will ignore me, treat me like a stranger when we have to meet on sunday, the day when the jap class finally going to start... But now of cos no... i wont be surprise at all... cos u are like this, the real u... the u who will just kick out ur bestfriend when u have new friends and new relationship...

B even ask me to keep up to trend just like u to be more like a women... She say maybe i should change to be like u... Like u who now like shopping, going bowling, playing pool and even arcade... But why should i? i mean for ur sake? for ur sake AGAIN? how many things i have done for u just for ur sake? I am still going to be me... i will still stick to my love of anime, i will still be lazy and a bit hate to go shopping... i will still be very uninterested to go those entertainments u have been going... Even if i will to change, i wont just have a 360 degree change and turn my back to my bestfriend...

今日は.... Sunday, July 5, 2009  です。


How much time have i wasted? wat the hell is wrong wif ur attitude... u just change rapidly... Stop giving execuse that ur interest change or wat hor... the time that bonded us so well tgt is not only interest... U ur just not worth it to be call a BEST friend... U just leave when ever u like it... got new friend then just forget about old best friend... I understand that u have ur own friend now of cos... but i have them too... Why did i make a distance wif my new friend to have more time wif u when u still haven attend sch? U busy now? think last year i not meh... U didnt even care or ever wonder why everytime u sms me i can come meet u, go eat wif u or accompany u to go buy ur things... I have just accepted the fact that u are this kind of person... But thats so unfair... on well, i just have to catch up wif my own life and friends... and i have to stop being so good and caring to u... and best is i no need everything considers for u anymore...

今日は.... Friday, July 3, 2009  です。

Went to temp wif shaf and bella... ate subway for dinner... really have a fun day tgt... only that the bella very crap today... So crap lor she... idiot wan leh... haha... she hor go take those funny pic of me... then those ugly wan she go edit and post up... But anyway is for fun i noe... only to say she is really damn crap... haha...


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